Bleeding Brakes

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By Panhead

The trick, with out using a power-bleeder is simple, really.  Open the reservoir and fill. Get that hose (that you NEED!) that fits snugly over the pre-loosened "nipple" (bleeder nut) on the brake end. Make sure that the other end of the hose is submerged in a cup/container that has the same brake fluid type in it. (fill about half way before starting the ritual)  The submerged hose ends prevents air from being sucked back into the system!!  It also keeps the fluid from squirting all over the place and, everything tidy!  The ritual:

Fill (and keep filled) the brake reservoir.  

Loosen the bleeder valve and SLOWLY squeeze (depress) the lever to the stop.  Squeezing fast or rapidly pumping aerates the bubbles (makes them smaller), making it much harder to vacate. Fluid or air should come out of the end of the hose that is in the container.

While the lever is still at its stop. Tighten the bleeder nut. (not to tight. just tight enough!)


Release the lever.  Then, loosen the bleeder nut again.  SLOWLY squeeze the lever again to the stops.


Loosen squeeze tighten. Loosen squeeze tighten. Loosen squeeze tighten.


Repeat as often as possible, or rather as needed, until no air bubbles come out and the "firmness" comes back into the lever with the bleeder nipple closed.


It takes time!


KEEP an eye out on the level of the fluid in the receiver!! If it sucks air, then you have to repeat the process.  Once filled and the brakes feel firm, top er off, tighten ‘er up, and enjoy after washing your hands.



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