Motorcycle Riding 101 - by Arch Faulkner AKA The Doctor

Don't drink and ride. Don't do drugs and ride. Keep a clear head not a empty one.

Practice your skills on your first trip out for the season. Periodically practice those skills thru out the season ie; evasive moves friction zone etc.

Wear the right stuff. ie; good boots, long pants, eye protection, helmet if you so desire.

Watch out for the road hazards. ie; sand, wet pavement, gravel, or anything that will make controlling your-bike a problem.

Practice braking and remember that your Hog has two brakes. Use them both. Remember that 80% of the braking force of your Hog is up front. Learn how to use that to your advantage.

Remember your line of travel in a curve. Set up and accelerate thru the turn. Right turns start from the left part of the lane and left turns from the right. Slow, look, lean, and roll on the throttle.

Remember - on a Hog you don't have a lot of ground clearance when cornering. Lean too far over and you might scratch up the chrome ie; floor boards, exhaust.

Do you remember what happened when you were a kid riding your bicycle and you saw a stick in the road and you keep staring at it? You hit it didn't you? Don't do that on your Hog. You'll hit that stick (or worse). The Hog goes where your nose is pointed.

Gonna give some one a Hog ride? Tell them what to do and what not to do before you begin. ie; have them look over your shoulder in turns in the direction of the turn. Tell them not to move around or shift their weight with out letting you know before hand.

Most important What hurts more - turning your head or getting hit by a car?

Head Checks - Head Checks - Head Checks. One before you leave your parking spot. One before you change lanes. One before you start to pass someone. One before you - well, you get the idea. Turn your head and look

Just some things to think about while you are waiting for warm weather.


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