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Next Available Course Date: TBD

Location: Kirkwood Community College, Truck Range

Time: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Cost: $TBD per person

Register at:
Metro Harley-Davidson

2415 Westdale Dr. SW
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Link to Kirkwood Community College, ERC / BRC Schedule and additional Registration information.

The Skills Plus Experienced RiderCourse

The Skills Plus Experienced RiderCourse (ERC) complements the MSF Basic RiderCourse (BRC) and is intended to provide the next steps in motorcyclist safety and skill development.

The Skills Plus ERC uses nine exercises for rider skill development. Classroom Cards are used for between-exercise discussions and include a Fatal Vision® Simulator Goggles learning activity. The Skills Plus ERC lasts five hours. Some features are noted here.

The Skills Plus ERC is designed for riders who are already licensed and frequently ride. Students may repeat the course periodically to keep skills and perceptions about safety fresh. Its features are:

1. A rider must provide a safe, street-ready motorcycle.

2.The ERC Classroom Cards are used.

3.The knowledge test and skill test are optional.

4. Passengers may participate.

5. A D.O.T. approved helmet, eye protection, long sleeve shirt/jacket, full length durable pants, and over the ankle footwear are required to be worn by participants.

Riders who complete the Skills Plus Experienced RiderCourse will receive course completion cards, and may be eligible for insurance discounts and reimbursement from their respective motorcycle manufacturer.