A Recap On Winter Preperation - By Arch Faulkner AKA The Doctor

Lets look at a few simple things we can do to make the first romp out of the HOG confinement area a happy and enjoyable one.

1. Put some Stabil in the fuel tank then go filler up with good, ride it some so it mixes well, and to get the engine hot.

2. Change the oil and filter, this ensures you have a good clean crankcase over the winter and no sludge deposits in her belly to sit all winter and get hard.

3. Wash and Wax her, this gets any corrosive materials off the paint and chrome and lets you get a good look at her for chips and scratches that might turn to rust, and that you can maybe fix or touch up. Use a spray polish (furniture type) for the areas you can't reach with the wax on wax off method with a rag.

4.Run her dry with the fuel shut off, this will coat the carb inside with the oils in the Stabil, so it wont plug up.

5.Hook up a battery tender to the battery, a low charged battery will die in the winters cold temps .

6.Keep the tires full at the highest amount you can put in, as per the sidewall reading, then check them a few times during the storage season. Any loss over 3 or 4 pounds means there's a leak somewhere

Its up to you to decide when to quit riding for the season, so when you do, following these few simple tasks will save you a big headache in the spring.
Remember you and only you are responsible for your HOG and you yourself know your limits and ride within them.


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